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The team at Colman Dentistry in Bondi Junction, looks forward to helping you acheive your oral health goals. We offer general, preventative, cosmetic, reconstructive and emergency services.  


At Colman Dentistry, we go the extra mile to help our patients in any way we can. We often get asked questions about our dental services and the treatments that are carried out at our Bondi Junction based clinic, in particular, our Waterlase Dental Laser.

To save you time, we thought we would list our most frequently asked question on this page. Our team of dentists are fully qualified and experienced in carrying out all general and cosmetic dental procedures, so you know you’re always in good hands. We genuinely care about your oral health, so if there is anything we haven’t covered on this page, please get in touch today.

1.  Why do I need a six monthly check up?

Decay can happen anytime.  Longer waits between check-ups may result in problems getting out of control and put gum health at risk.  Just as regular servicing of a vehicle is done to ensure it works efficiently and safely, six monthly dental check-up and professional cleans help to prolong the life of your teeth.

2.  Why do I need regular X-rays of my mouth?

Not all tooth and jaw problems are easily visible.  A Clinical exam, where your dentist checks the surface of the teeth and fillings only tells part of the story.  Even with magnification it is not possible to see what is happening under the surface.  X-rays are useful for locating decay under existing filling and in tight spaces between teeth.  We recommend having a check-up and clean every 6 months and X-Rays every two years.

3.  At what age should a child make his or her first trip to the dentist?

About two years old is a good age for this.  As well as enabling a check-up that teeth are forming and breaking through the gum as they should, the first dental visits help build a child’s confidence.  We suggest that toddlers sit on mum or dad’s lap during these examinations.

4.  Is teeth whitening detrimental to tooth enamel?

Teeth whitening is perfectly acceptable if the treatment is done by a trained professional using approved whitening agents.

5.  Why are crowns recommended to fix broken teeth?

Crowns hold fragile teeth together; give them strength while protecting them from further serious damage like spitting or crumbling.  Custom made from high quality porcelain (colour matched to your other teeth) or gold, crowns last for many years if properly cared for.

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